About Us

Elevated Coffee Brew was created to do exactly that: elevate your coffee game!

Brewing café quality coffee in your home kitchen is possible. With the proper equipment, fresh bean, and a little insight you can craft the perfect cup of joe. 

Our Coffee Journey

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My name is Kris and with me always is my wife Laura. In our kitchen, we love to discover new recipes, or put our spin on old ones. We are always seeking new coffee brewing methods to try with family.

Most of my life, coffee was used as a tool. It was bought in bulk and was meant to be ingested for maximum caffeination. That was until a friend at work offered to brew me a cup from his specialty selection. We headed to the office kitchen and I watched as pulled out a French press (fancy, right?).

As he ground up fresh beans and bloomed the grounds I started to ask questions. He explained how the grounds needed to release carbon dioxide to ensure proper flavor extraction. Ever since he depressed the plunger and poured my cup, coffee has never been the same.

Because of that day I took new interest in coffee. I have learned about pour overs, the Aeropress, French press, manual espresso, and so many other brewing methods.

I also began to delve into the science of coffee. Why the bloom is so critical? What is the optimal brewing ratio of coffee to water?

We believe coffee is something that should be enjoyed and shared with those around us, not just a way to consume caffeine (that does help though).

Join us as we continue to explore the vast world of coffee and all of its nuances.

Allow us to aid you in your coffee discovery

We hope that you will enjoy our site and discover your ability to brew amazing coffee in at home. 

If you are here that means you already started down the path to better coffee.

Follow our guides and product reviews to establish your perfect home coffee brewing setup.

Becoming a home barista is within your reach.

If you enjoy our content or have any suggestions to make this site better, we would love to hear them.

Happy caffeinating!