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I am the owner, editor, and writer for Elevated Coffee Brew. Growing up in a household where coffee was the start to every day created an early appreciation for the art of making coffee.

After years of talking with local cafes and baristas along my travels, the passion for coffee-making led me to become an at-home barista for my own family. And with every sip, the desire to hone my craft grows stronger.

If you’re a coffee lover and seek to elevate your coffee game, we at Elevated Coffee Brew are here to help. Join me on a coffee journey filled with passion, precision, and personal connection.

As a full-time software engineer, I blend technical precision with an artistic approach to create the perfect cup of coffee. The methodical and detail-oriented skills used in software engineering translate seamlessly to brewing coffee, resulting in a unique approach to coffee-making that melds artistry with numbers and measurements.

I am passionate about sharing the love of coffee with others, breaking down the process of coffee-making into simple steps while still providing the technical details that elevate the experience. I believes that coffee is not just a habit, but an experience — one that can bring people together.

Happy Caffeinating!

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