Can Coffee Kill You? Our Behind the Bean Mystery

Can Coffee Kill You

The serene atmosphere of a charming town renowned for its picturesque landscapes and coffee culture has been disturbed by a chilling murder. The renowned coffee connoisseur, Maxwell Roark, was found lifeless in his opulent coffee estate, surrounded by a sea of lush coffee bean plants. The investigation takes a peculiar turn when the prime suspect … Read more

What is a Coffee Hopper? More than a Grinder Top

Parts of an Espresso Machine bean hopper

On a particularly brisk winter morning, I found myself craving a cup of coffee to kickstart my day. With a sleepy grin, I sauntered into my kitchen, still half-dreaming of that perfect brew. As I approached my trusty coffee grinder, I was greeted by the comforting sight of the coffee hopper, brimming with aromatic beans, … Read more

What Are The Parts of an Espresso Machine?

Parts of an Espresso Machine

Come on and sing our espresso machine song, It’s time to learn about this brew before too long. All the parts that make your espresso right, From the portafilter to the steam wand’s might! I’m sorry. Please don’t let that get stuck in your head like mine! Moving on. Espresso machines are great at making … Read more

What is coffee acidity?

coffee flavor terms

Talking about coffee will inevitably lead to the discussion of acidity. Coffee is naturally acidic, and this acidity can vary greatly depending on the type of coffee beans used, where they were grown, and how they were roasted and brewed. Generally speaking, coffee’s acidity gives it its signature bright flavor and complexity. What makes coffee … Read more

What is Dark Roast Coffee? The Ultimate Guide

What is Dark Roast Coffee

When others go for the lighter roasts, do you gravitate towards the darker side? That’s right, while others might sip their light and fruity blends, you would rather drink something strong enough to make your eyes twitch. For me, there’s nothing quite like my morning cup of dark roast. Every sip is full-bodied and smooth … Read more