Top 10 Best Espresso Cups

Drinking coffee is more than just a way to wake yourself up in the morning- It’s a lifestyle and one of the best parts of each day. When I drink coffee, it takes almost as much time to select my desired roast as it takes to pick the cup that I want to drink it from. It’s important that your coffee cups are made of quality materials, but it’s just as important that it looks good and spark some joy in your day.

You want to choose cups that are made with care, by artisans who craft their designs with the same meticulous detail that you would pour into your morning cup. Classic espresso cups, or demitasse cups, are designed to show off the beautiful browns, reds, and gold tones that are created from the perfect pull.

Espresso is an experience in itself- It requires the right grind size, water temperature, and brewing time to all come together in order to get the perfect espresso shot (or double shot). The last thing you want when drinking espresso is a cup that detracts from the beauty and depth of your delicious coffee.

If you haven’t already, check out our automatic espresso machine review to get your brew going.

Finally, some people like to enjoy their espressos in larger cups, while others prefer traditional sized demitasse. You can even use espresso glasses if you really want something unique! Find the size and style that best fits your preferences and personality. The best espresso cups we could find are waiting below!

Espresso Cups Review

Best Overall

Aozita Espresso Cups and Saucers with Espresso Spoons


  • Designed to hold a double or single shots
  • Elegant design that is both sleek and modern
  • Four cups comes with four spoons and saucers
  • Made out of high-quality porcelain/ceramic that will last for years

Aozita espresso cups and Saucers with espresso spoons are the perfect accessories for any true espresso coffee lover. The cups are designed to hold a double or single shot of espresso, so you can enjoy a variety of drinks with a single cup.

They have an elegant design that is both sleek and modern, making them suitable for any table setting. A set of four cups comes with four spoons included in the package, which makes it easier to share your beverage with friends. The saucers also help prevent spills from happening during movement by catching liquid overflow before it happens (you can never be too careful)!

The most important thing about this product though is that they are made out of high-quality materials that will last for years without breaking down under pressure. If you can’t trust your espresso cups with a dependable product, why even bother buying it? These pieces are dishwasher safe and completely microwavable, making them that much more convenient for you.

Ideal for wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, and mother’s day presents. Another reason to celebrate is always on the horizon with espresso in an Aozita cups and saucer!

Best Glass

De’Longhi DeLonghi Double Walled Thermo Espresso Glasses


  • Double wall insulated to keep drinks hot
  • No condensation, making it perfect for entertaining guests
  • Dishwasher safe, making clean-up a breeze
  • Borosilicate glass material prevents shattering and breaking

De’Longhi Double Walled Thermo Espresso Glasses have some amazing features that espresso lovers need! The glasses are double walled, which means that they are insulated and will keep your drinks hot longer.

Cleanup is simple; just put them in the dishwasher and get back to your party! De’Longhi DeLonghi Double Walled Thermo Espresso Glasses make entertaining easier than ever before!

These glasses are made of borosilicate glass which means that you won’t have to worry about them breaking and shattering like other glasses on the market today! They also do not leave any annoying condensation rings on your table or counter, so they’ll look great at every mealtime.

The 2 pack means you will need to buy at least two sets if you’re having guests over. And, with glasses this nice, you’ll want to have extra on hand for your next espresso or coffee party or just for an evening drink with friends and family!

Best Metal

RECAPS Stainless Steel Espresso Cups


  • 304 stainless steel construction means they will last for years or lifetime
  • Double-wall insulation keeps coffee hot, or cool, for as long as you need
  • Can be stacked for easy storage
  • Convenient for home use, office, party, camping, traveling, hiking, picnic, etc

Looking for the perfect coffee cup to start your day? Look no further than these amazing RECAPS Stainless Steel Espresso Cups! Made with high quality 304 stainless steel, these cups are double-wall insulated to keep your coffee warm – or cool – for as long as you need.

The cups are also insulated, so you don’t have to worry about them burning your hands. And if that’s not enough, they also come with a life-time warranty!

The perfect size for espresso, these stackable espresso mugs make storage easy. Whether you’re using them at home, at the office, or on the go, these cups are a must-have for your day!

Best Classic with Color

Bruntmor Espresso Cups with Saucers


  • Chip resistant and durable
  • Microwave oven and dishwasher safe
  • Retain heat well
  • Variety of design options to choose from
  • Inside colors are vibrant and fun

The Bruntmor Espresso Cups with Saucers are crafted from pro-grade ceramic and come in a set of four. WIth a single purchase, you’re already prepared for any brunch!

In addition to being chip-resistant, the cups are also oven, microwave oven, and dishwasher safe. This means that they can withstand a lot of contact in your kitchen and still look great on your table! Plus the cups retain heat very well which makes for an enjoyable tea time experience. They’re also BPA free so you know they’re not compromising quality or safety.

A variety of design options are available, my favorite is the matte-black finish. With sleek curves that will add a touch of elegance to any kitchen or dining table. The best part is the inside colors that really add a pop of color. The colors are vibrant and fun, making me smile each time looking at them. The matte-black outside makes the inside pop even more so it’s a win-win for me.

Most Fun

Binoster Cute Glass Double Wall Insulated Glass Espresso Cup


  • Variety of fun and adorable designs to choose from
  • Made of high quality borosilicate glass for durability
  • Double-wall insulation keeps your hands cool while keeping your drink hot
  • Perfect size for a variety of coffee drinks

Looking for a unique and exciting way to drink your coffee? Check out these amazing double-wall insulated espresso cups! Not only do they come in a variety of fun and adorable designs, but they’re also made of high quality borosilicate glass. This means that they’re more durable and resistant to heat and condensation than regular glass.

Plus, the double-wall insulation keeps your hands cool while keeping your drink hot! Their size makes them perfect for a variety of different coffee drinks. They can be used for capucinnos, lungos, macchiatos, lattes, and more.

So if you’re looking for a special and unique gift for the coffee lover in your life, then these cups are definitely the way to go!

Unique Glass

VESPESO Double Wall Espresso Cups


  • Impressive and unique design
  • Strong and durable
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Keeps drinks hot for longer

Vepeso have created unique and beautiful glass espresso cups! Their special design is unlike any other, and is perfect for serving and enjoying your favorite drinks. Their cups are stronger and more durable than regular glass cups, and are microwave and dishwasher safe.

The included stainless steel stirrer means you can mix up that beautiful crema or add in a touch of simple syrup to really create a delicious drink.

These cups are perfect for the coffee lover, who can enjoy up to two shots of espresso in their cup! Take your pick from an array of different beverages, with room for either a single shot or double shot. You can even put them in the freezer for some frozen desserts!

Vepeso double wall glasses are great for making your drinks look beautiful and tasting even better.

Best for Camping

Real Deal Stainless Steel Espresso Cups


  • Insulated steel for a cool touch that will keep your morning beverage hot
  • Protective powder coat finish that won’t chip or peel away
  • Nonstick interior cleans easily
  • Perfect size for an espresso shot, cortado, macchiato, or any other espresso-based drink

If you’re a rugged espresso lover, then you need the Real Deal Stainless Steel Espresso Cups in your life. These cups are made from the highest quality 304 18/8 stainless steel, and they come with a durable powder coat color that won’t chip or peel.

The cups are also double walled, so they’ll keep your coffee hot while the outside stays cool to the touch. And with the square cylinder handle, you’ll have two options for holding your cup.

In 2016, Real Deal Steel began searching for the perfect coffee mug with no luck. A year later, they introduced the Real Deal Steel Classic Mug. Today, their products include everything from stackable vacuum beer glasses to insulated single wall cups, all designed to make your favorite morning beverage that much more enjoyable.

What makes their product unique? As soon as you look at Real Deal Steel products, you can tell they are different. This is a totally new take on stainless steel drinkware.

Best for Americano

Stone & Mill Double Walled Glass Coffee Cups


  • Durable, long lasting glassware that’s shatter and scratch resistant
  • Intricate hand-blown designs
  • Larger 8.5 oz capacity for specialty brews

The sleek, modern design of these glasses will add a touch of elegance to your morning routine and make your coffee look like it came from a high-end cafe. And because they’re made from 100% lead-free borosilicate glass, these glasses are scratch and shatter resistant, making them a durable addition to your kitchen.

With an 8.5oz capacity, these large espresso cups are perfect for making an Americano or latte.

Each Stone & Mill glass is hand blown by glass artisans. This high quality glassware is scratch and shatter resistant, and will stand up to daily use, even safe to heat in the microwave! Each of the designs has additional weight added during the manufacturing process to delivering a superior product that you can feel confident using!

Best Complete Set

Yhosseun Espresso Cups with Saucers Set with Cup Holder


  • Cups are 4 oz, perfect size for coffee, espresso shots, and lattes
  • Stacking rack saves space in your cabinets and makes them easier to grab and use
  • Matte finish and textured surface will make you feel like you’re at a coffee shop

Are you looking for an exciting new coffee set that will change the way you look at your morning cup of joe? Then check out Yhosseun’s Espresso Cups with Saucers Set!

This amazing set comes with a cup holder and chic, modern design. The cups and saucers are made of sturdy lead-free ceramics and have a beautiful matte finish. The cups are also textured for a unique look and feel.

Best of all, the cups are 4 oz, which is the perfect size for coffee, espresso shots, and lattes. The stacking rack means that the cups will save space in your cabinets. And it also makes them easier to grab and use.

Best Splurge

Wedgwood GIO Gold Accent Espresso Cup


  • Fine bone china
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Contemporary design
  • Warm metallic and textural ceramics
  • Dishwasher safe

If you’re looking for a luxurious coffee cup to show off your coffee brewing skills, look no further than the Wedgwood GIO Gold Accent Espresso Cup. Made from fine bone china and decorated with a warm copper accent, this cup celebrates the purity of shape and clean lines that are the hallmark of Wedgwood design.

The perfect fusion of craftsmanship and innovation, the GIO Gold Collection is ideal for coffee lovers who want to enjoy their drink in style. Warm metallic and textural ceramics are fused with the clean lines of contemporary style to give you an elevated experience. The Wedgwood GIO Gold Accent Espresso Cup is one of the many fine pieces available in this collection, showcasing clean lines and brilliant design.

These are the most expensive items on the list, but they are worth it for those looking to splurge on a fine piece of china.

Best Espresso Cups

How to choose the best espresso cups for you

Whether you are a coffee aficionado, or simply enjoy the occasional cup of espresso, choosing the right espresso cups is an important decision. Just as there are many different types of beans and techniques for brewing your favorite beverage, there is also more than one type of cup to serve espresso in depending on how you like to drink it.

From the classic Italian demitasse to larger cappuccino sized cups that hold about twice as much, here are several tips for choosing the best espresso cups for your preferences.

Espresso Cup Style

Let’s be honest, when looking for the perfect demitasse, you want something that showcases the beauty of your drink, without being overly pretentious. There are many unique styles when it comes to demitasse, from the slightly shorter espresso cups designed in Italy, to cups with handles modeled after Turkish coffee pots.

Modern espresso cups vary from minimalistic to those with fun and ornate designs. You can also choose from many different materials, such as double walled glass cups to those made of stone, ceramic, or even silver.

Best Espresso Cups

Size of Espresso Cups

A very important factor to consider is the size of your espresso cups. A typical demitasse holds about 2 ounces (60 ml) of liquid, while a larger cappuccino cup can hold up to 6 ounces (180ml). One of the most common errors among first time buyers is only buying one size of cup. The great this about brewing espresso is its versatility.

Sometims, a single shot is not enough. If you only have a 2 oz cup then you woun’t be able to do a longer pull and enjoy a lungo without a second cup. Furthermore, a smaller espresso glass may not be the best choice if you like to drink your espresso with milk.

Espresso Cup Material

There are many different materials that can be put to use in creating an espresso cup, which is part of what makes finding the right set so much fun! Stoneware is popular choice, as it absorbs heat evenly and adds a little variety to your cup collection.

Ceramic espresso cups come in many colors, often with fun designs painted on them. Another very common material is glass, which comes in all shapes and sizes. Some styles even glow under black light! There are also sets available made entirely of copper or silver!      

The most important thing about choosing the best espresso cups for you is knowing what kind of drinker you are. Cappuccino cups may be the right choice for those who like to drink espresso with milk or cream, while smaller espresso glasses may be better suited for coffee drinkers who prefer drinking straight espresso.

Best Espresso Cups

Espresso Cup Shape

The classic espresso cup has been around for this long for a reason. The traditional demitasse is very small and designed to showcase the complex flavors of espresso. No matter the shape, your espresso coffee cups should fit under any portafilter.

However, what’s life without a little fun. Not only can you get more geometric shapes, but you can also get character cups and novelty designs. Also, just as with the material of your cups, this is a great opportunity to bring some personality into your kitchen!

Espresso vs Coffee

Patented in 1901 by Luigi Bezzerra, the espresso machine is an incredibly useful kitchen appliance that has changed the way people around the world enjoy coffee. It’s important for espresso drinkers to know there is a difference between Espresso and Coffee.

Espresso is made by forcing nearly boiling water under high pressure through finely ground coffee beans, usually Arabica beans. This beverage is typically enjoyed alone or with steamed milk, depending on how you like it prepared.

To get the best flavor, make sure to use specialty roasted espresso beans.

Coffee can be made using any of several different brewing methods, most often an Auto Drip Coffeemaker. There are also other ways to prepare this beverage including French Press or Pour Over, but auto drip produces some of the best results since water temperature and exposure time are more consistent than with other methods.

Single or double shots fill a traditional espresso cup. Espresso can also be made using a stove top Moka Pot. Using this method, thick steam pushes water through tightly packed ground coffee to produce the flavorful beverage that most enjoy straight or with just steamed milk

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