Discover the Best Manual Coffee Grinder: Our 8 Favorites

My wife and I love coffee (as most people should). For the longest time we were content with buying pre-ground coffee from the grocery store. Sure, we bought different brands and flavors, but they were always pre-ground. The day I was introduced to fresh ground coffee using a manual pour over method really changed the way I looked at my daily caffeine intake.

Later that week, after much research, I bought….nothing. I’m bad at spending money on myself. Lucky for me, my wife secretly bought me a great automatic grinder for fathers day (she really is great). Since that day I have never bought pre-ground coffee again!

This was all well and good until we booked our beach vacation later that year. I knew that I needed to find the best manual coffee grinder to use at our condo. After a bit of an eye roll, my wife conceded that it was probably not the worst idea (she had grown accustomed to fresh ground coffee as well).

So, I present to you, our list for the best manual coffee grinder. I hope you can find as much pleasure in great coffee as we do!

Best Overall

1. 1Zpresso JX Manual Coffee Grinder


  • 48mm conical burr grinder grinding more efficient
  • Internal fixing between the burr and central shaft offers impressive consistency of grind
  • 40 clicks total (20 clicks just for espresso)
best manual coffee grinder

The 1Zpresso JX may be hard to pronounce, but this is a product that speaks for itself. The grinder is easily one of the best I have used to date. It has a great design, solid construction and grinds coffee quickly and efficiently (your arms will thank you).

The burr being fixed within the mechanism ensures no wobbling or loose parts over time either so this is a product that will last you for years if maintained properly. Honestly, that alone almost makes it more appealing than other hand crank style grinders on the market today. The grinder generates some static during grinding, but that’s not too uncommon for coffee grinders. It has some weight but that just means it won’t move around and feels sturdy.

This is a definite upgrade over less expensive grinders and it is well worth the investment. It’s an impressive machine that produces consistent results time after time, grinder enthusiasts will love this product!

Most Versatile

2. VEVOK CHEF Stainless Steel Burr Mill Coffee Grinder


  • Efficient and consistency grinding with heavy duty stainless steel burr
  • Six adjustable coarseness settings
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Compact and easy to clean
best manual coffee grinder

This manual grinder has the fewest grind settings of them all, but that actually worked in my favor. I found the grind at settings to be perfect for my everyday needs. Plus, it’s easy to use and very lightweight, making it great for travel.

The longer crank makes grinding beans a breeze. The unit comes apart easily for cleaning, which I find to be a must with any grinder that you use on a daily basis. If you have old grounds stuck inside it can ruing you next brew and create a mess.

It’s not terribly loud or expensive and it has an attractive design. It also looks quite nice sitting in your kitchen when guests are over!

The best part about this coffee bean mill is that it’s a manual grinder- meaning that you are in complete control of the coarseness of your grind. This is fantastic for people like me who enjoy tinkering with different brewing techniques to find that perfect cup of coffee.

All things considered, this is an excellent value for a quality burr grinder and I would highly recommend it to anyone in the market for one!

Best for Newcomers

3. Hario Skerton Pro


  • Full range of grind sizes
  • Improved easy-to-adjust burr settings
  • Compact size makes it the perfect grinder for home or the office
best manual coffee grinder

This grinder is a favorite amongst coffee newcomers and professionals alike. It’s compact size makes it the perfect grinder both travel and home. This grinder can make a full range of grind sizes, whatever your preference. With an update on the classic design and easier-to-adjust burr settings, this product ensures precise, uniform grinds in less time with less effort than previous models.

Hario is well known for the classic V60 and other glass and ceramic coffee brewing products. As a Japanese company, Hario has been focused on the development of high-quality functional kitchenware, with an attention to detail rarely seen in today’s market from Japan or anywhere else for that matter.

The Skerton Pro is simply put: one of the best manual grinders available– It features ceramic conical burrs ensuring a precise, uniform grind. Ceramic also transfers less heat than metal grinding elements meaning less flavor left behind.

Whether you’re new to grinding or just looking for a better option, check out Hario Skerton Pro!

Best Value



  • Stainless steel burr milling blade
  • Double bearing central axis positioning to keep grinding action smooth and consistent.
  • 36 step grind adjustment
best manual coffee grinder

The Timemore C2 hand grinder is a great budget option for those looking for a quality grind without spending too much. It has a solid build quality, with stainless steel burrs that are CNC machined for consistency.

The double bearing central axis positioning also helps to keep the grinding action smooth and consistent. The adjustable grind function allows you to grind from fine to coarse grind in about 36 steps. The handle is smooth and easy to turn, even if you release your hand, due to the built-in bearing system. The body is compact and easy to grip, even for small hands. Overall, the Timemore C2 is a great grinder for those starting out in coffee or those trying to keep within a budget.

One downside is that there have been complaints of burr misalignment with the Timemore C02. Make sure to check your grinder for this issue as soon as you get it. Another downside is that the manual provides a range of clicks for “espresso,” each click representing too large a difference in grind size that could complicate things if you want to use if for espresso. For AeroPress, pour over, and French press the Timemore is fantastic.

All in all, I believe the Timemore C02 represents the best value hand grinder you can get while still offering a solid build quality and good grind consistency.

Read our full review here.

Best for Espresso

5. 1Zpresso K-Max


  • External adjustment ring with over 90 clicks on the numerical dial for precision control
  • Specialized “K Burr” for excellence and consistency of performance
  • Quick-release magnets catch cup for easier removal and larger capacity
best manual coffee grinder

1Zpresso’s K-Max Electric Grinder is perfect for those who want a finely tuned grind. With over 90 clicks on the numerical dial, you can have complete precision control over the fineness or coarseness of your grind.

The specialized “K Burr” is perfect for a variety of brewing methods and produces a clean, bright tasting cup of specialty coffee. One of the more unique features is the quick-release magnetic catch cup. This means you will never have to worry about thread wear over time!

Unlike many other manual coffee grinders, the adjustments on the 1Zpresso K-Max can be done without having to take it apart. The twist dial is clearly labeled, removing any guesswork.

If you take your coffee seriously, and want to be able to dial in the perfect grind no matter the brew, then this is your best option.

Best for Light Travel

6. Porlex Mini


  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Can be used with espresso machines and cold brews
  • Lightweight and compact
best manual coffee grinder

The Porex Mini is the must have coffee travel accessory for those who like to pack light, but still enjoy amazing coffee. The little device is easy to use, sturdy, and can still be used in anything from an espresso machine to your favorite cold brew.

The Porlex Mini is only 8 ounces and comes with a ceramic burr grinder. Unfortunately, the small size also means it can only hold about 23 grams of coffee (more than enough for a single AeroPress brew). Made completely of metal, the little guy is durable enough to be thrown in your carryon for you next business trip or vacation.

So if you’re looking for an easy to use, lightweight coffee grinder that can go with you anywhere, the Porlex Mini is the perfect option.

Best for Camping

7. VSSL JAVA Coffee Grinder


  • Created to withstand the rigors of any adventure
  • Steel burr grinders with 50 different grind settings
  • Extendable handle and ergonomic grip make campsite grinding is a breeze
best manual coffee grinder

The VSSL Java is a grinder that was created to withstand the rigors of any adventure. With its ultra-durable, air-craft grade aluminum construction and precision engineering, it will last for years on end.

The steel burr grinders are a best in class. There are 50 different grind settings that allow you to achieve the desired consistency of grind based on your chosen brew method. Thanks to the extendable handle and ergonomic grip, grinding at the campsite is a breeze.

It’s also easy carry as it has an innovative design with over 200lbs load bearing capacity from the carabiner clip. The premium ball bearings and threadless end-cap work together to ensure that your grind stays consistent and balanced.

Best Budget

8. Manual Coffee Grinder by JavaPresse


  • Adjustable grind selector with 18 manual settings
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Professional grade ceramic conical burr
  • Quality tested and built to last
best manual coffee grinder

The Manual Coffee Grinder by JavaPresse is the perfect device for espresso and pour over lovers alike. This grinder has a built-in adjustable grind selector with 18 settings, ensuring that you have complete control over the coarseness of your ground coffee beans.

The JavaPresse is also equipped with a professional grade ceramic conical burr that heightens the flavors of your coffee beans for an incredible cup of freshly ground java. With its portable and easy to use design, this manual coffee grinder can be taken anywhere, making it perfect for camping, hiking, or travel.

The JavaPresse has been quality tested and built to last; it’s crafted with the same essence as traditional Japanese cookware and features a patented dual plated ceramic burrs that are five times longer lasting than comparable stainless steel coffee grinders. Get your morning off to a great start with the the best hand coffee grinder by JavaPresse!

Best Manual Coffee Grinder

What makes the best manual coffee grinder?

The best manual coffee grinder will help you to achieve the perfect grind size for your coffee, every time. Not only that, it should be easy to adjust, and made from quality materials.

What’s the point of owning something that you can’t even use, right? That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best manual coffee grinders, based on our personal experience and reviews from other coffee lovers.

What are the benefits of manual coffee grinders?

The main benefit of manual burr grinder is that you have more control over the grind size. This means that you can adjust the grind setting to suit your own preferences, and get the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Another benefit is that manual burr grinders are a great way to improve your skills as an at home barista. It takes a bit of practice to get the hang of grinding your own beans, but once you do, you’ll be able to create amazing cups of coffee with ease. With the right grinder, you can make anything from Turkish coffee in a cezve to cold brew in a mason jar.

Finally, another great thing about manual grinding is that it can be cheaper than using an electric burr grinder. Not only will this save you money in the long run, but it also means that you’ll be able to spend more money on quality coffee beans, which is the most important part of making a great cup of Joe for any coffee enthusiast.

Best Manual Coffee Grinder

What should you look for in a high quality coffee grinder?

The first thing that you should look for is a quality grinding mechanism. You want something that will grind your beans evenly, without any stray pieces of coffee getting through the sieve and ending up in your cup. Both ceramic and steel burr grinders have their benefits. Determine which one is best for you.

Next, make sure to choose a grinder with an easily adjustable grinding mechanism. This way you’ll be able to control how fine or coarse your coffee grounds are, depending on what type of brew method you’re using at home (e.g espresso vs drip). Also, choosing something that can be used with more subtle variations between a light roast and an espresso roast.

The best manual coffee grinder should be able to hold enough freshly ground coffee to for your daily needs. The catch cup capacity, after you grind your beans, should also be easy to remove.

Finally it’s important to note the build material . Most manual coffee grinders use stainless steel as their main construction material , which means they can easily withstand daily usage over time. However some cheaper models might have plastic parts instead – these aren’t necessarily bad, but might not

Conical or flat burr grinder?

Conical burr grinders are typically better than flat burr grinders because they produce less heat and static. They also have a more consistent grind size. However, they can be more expensive than flat burr grinders. The size of the grinds is important because you want to make sure that the grinder can produce the right size for the brew method you will be using. For instance, if you’re making a French press coffee, the grounds need to be coarse so they won’t slip through easily when pouring water over them. If you’re brewing drip coffee however, then it’s best to have medium ground beans because this type of filter needs more surface area for better extraction.

Best Manual Coffee Grinder

Hand crank coffee grinder or electric coffee grinders?

This comes down to a number of factors. First, you need to decide whether or not you want to be tethered to an electrical socket. If you want to be able to brew your coffee while camping or at a place with no power, then it’s probably best to get a hand crank coffee grinder. If your not the outdoorsy type, then an electric grinder might be a better option for you.

Hand crank grinders can also typically produce more consistent results than an electric model, which is important if you’re into making precise brew methods like espresso or Turkish coffee. However, this doesn’t mean that all hand cranked models will always give you the same quality as a high end electric burr grinder – some are definitely much better than others! If in doubt, go with one of our top rated products above and see what they have to offer first hand.

This also brings us to another important factor: noise level . Electric burr grinders are often noisier than manual ones because of their motors. However, if your main concern is grinding coffee for large batches quickly, then electric grinders might be best suited for you.

Finally when comparing hand crank vs electric models , there’s another thing that should be taken into consideration – longevity : most high-quality manual coffee grinders will last much longer than a cheap electric model. This is because they don’t produce as much heat, static and friction inside the grinder mechanism – which can cause them to break faster than expected.

Best Manual Coffee Grinder

What else should I consider?

  • When it comes to storage, there are options for both the die-hard coffee drinker and those who don’t have a lot of space in their kitchens.
  • A hand crank grinder is a must if you’re going camping or traveling – these gadgets can fit into your backpack quite easily and won’t take up much room.
  • A precise and consistent grind is not possible with blade grinders when grinding coffee beans. This is especially true with a fine espresso grind. You might be able to get away with it with a coarse grind for cold brew, but I’d rather not take my chances.
  • Grind coffee beans right before your brew for maximum flavor!
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