The Best Organic Coffee: Better for You and The Environment

Imagine waking up in the morning to a fresh cup of coffee that tastes amazing and is good for you and the environment! Knowing that organic coffee is naturally grown, you know you will be getting the best beans possible.

Organic coffee has many benefits that other types of coffee don’t have. No chemical pesticides or fertilizers are used to grow it and there are plenty of organic varieties out there for your enjoyment! It is also better for the environment because these chemicals affect wildlife habitats near farms and forests where they are used.

Getting the best organic coffee can cost a little more, but it is worth it for the taste and the health benefits that you will be getting! When I look at purchasing beans, I try to make sure they are organic! Coffee is one of those drinks that you enjoy on a regular basis, so why not choose something healthy to drink day after day?

1. Lifeboost Coffee


  • Lifeboost Coffee is USDA certified organic, fair trade, and low acid
  • You’ll never find a trace of harmful toxins in Lifeboost Coffee
  • With a 30 day money back guarantee, you can buy this coffee with confidence!
  • Supports small-scale farmers and their communities
Best Organic Coffee

Lifeboost Coffee is well known as the best organic coffee brand out there! Fair trade, 100% USDA certified organic single-origin Arabica coffee beans that are roasted to perfection. Their mission is simple: create fantastic coffee without harming anyone or anything in the process. Lifeboost Coffee believes everyone deserves access to healthy and ethically sourced food products like this delicious blend of coffee.

Lifeboost Coffee believes everyone deserves access to high quality, healthy foods like their featured product – Organic Single-Origin Colombian Whole Bean Roasted Coffees! You can feel great about drinking this type of coffee because it’s better for you and good for the planet. The brand sources only premium whole bean organically grown coffees which they roast daily.

Each batch is slow roasted to bring out each coffee variety’s unique flavors and aromas, then packaged in sustainable bags made from recycled materials. Buying organic means you’re not only getting great-tasting coffee but also supporting small-scale farmers and their communities who work tirelessly to produce the best coffee in the world while preserving our environment.

So next time you need your caffeine fix, do yourself a favor and switch to organic – you won’t regret it!

2. Volcanica Coffee Organic Range


  • Supports sustainable farming practices
  • Various origins available (We like the Ethiopian best)
  • Grown on nutrient rich volcanic soil
Best Organic Coffee

Volcanica Coffee is a company that cares about the environment. They care so much they have an entire line of coffees dedicated to organic coffee beans. The best part of this company, though? Their ethical practices don’t stop at just buying eco-friendly goods; they also make sure to give back to the community and create sustainable farming programs for farmers in need. This company really has it all figured out!

Volcanica Coffee sources its coffee from family-owned farms around the world that are committed to environmental responsibility, economic sustainability, and social equity. Volcanica pays these family farms premium prices for their coffees because they know that these farmers can’t live on less than what’s needed to feed their families or send their kids to school.

Volcanica Coffee also works with nonprofits that provide supplies, technical assistance and financial support to farmers. Their employees are committed to fair trade practices by traveling the world meeting coffee growers face-to-face in order to build trusting relationships necessary for direct trade.

What’s great about Volcanica Coffee is it uses 100% Arabica beans which offer a full bodied taste—it makes you feel good knowing every sip is healthy! They ensure your caffeine fix isn’t just delicious but sustainable too!

Check out our full review of Volcanica coffee.

3. Don Pablo Subtle Earth Organic


  • Sustainable farming practices
  • Rich and chocolatey with a profound depth of flavor, velvety body, and low acidity
  • Great for you and the planet!
Best Organic Coffee

Subtle Earth Organic is wholly organic, meaning their coffee beans are 100% certified organic, no matter which bag you purchase. No pesticides or chemicals will be entering your cup of joe! So knowing that your coffee is organic means there’s one less thing to worry about.

Not only is Subtle Earth Organic Coffee brand good for you, but they’re also great for the planet! By going organic, Subtle Earth helps keep our air and water clean. They also support sustainable farming practices which help preserve our forests and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

They make an amazing light roast coffee, but we love their medium dark roast even more. I find that the medium dark roast has a more complex flavor, with hints of chocolate and caramel. It’s the perfect coffee to enjoy on a lazy Sunday morning!

4. Tiny Footprint Coffee


  • Sustainable farming practices
  • Rich and chocolatey with a profound depth of flavor, velvety body, and low acidity
  • Great for you and the planet!
Best Organic Coffee

Tiny Footprint Coffee was founded in 2010 and have a keen focus on their environmental impact and sustainability, which is why they are the one of the world’s first carbon negative coffee. For every pound of coffee sold, Tiny Footprint donates a portion of the proceeds to fund reforestation in Ecuador’s Mindo Cloud Forest. In order to keep up with this goal, Tiny Footprint also has an innovative plan for their packaging. Using 25% less paperboard per package than traditional brands while maintaining high quality standards for taste and aroma retention minimizes waste while still providing excellent customer service. All these features make Tiny Footprint stand out from other companies and set them apart as one of the world’s most environmentally friendly coffee brands.

All this, and the flavor is also exceptional. With hints of chocolate and fruit, Tiny Footprint Coffee has an added layer of flavor that makes it stand out from other brands. This in in part to their unique roasting process which is made possible by their vintage 90 kilo German-built Probat drum roaster retrofitted with modern fuel-efficient ribbon burners. By choosing to roast coffee in this specific way, Tiny Footprint Coffee has perfected the craft of delivering perfectly roasted coffee every time while minimizing waste and environmental impact for a better future.


  • Sultry, bold dark roast
  • Traditional Nicaraguan flavors of bright apricot, fig, and spice tones with notes of chocolate
  • 100% Organic Shade-Grown Arabica Coffee

5. Jo Coffee Columbia Medium Roast


  • Aroma and flavor that’s perfect for any occasion
  • Roasted to perfection to ensure quality and freshness
  • Handcrafted by artisan coffee roasters in small batches
Best Organic Coffee

Colombia Jo Roasted Coffee is an artisanal coffee company based in Columbia, MO. They are a small, family-owned business who takes pride in their coffee. The beans are sourced from all over the world and roasted in small batches to ensure quality. Colombia Jo’s coffees are certified USDA organic, Fair Trade, and Kosher. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of their products.

Their most popular product is the Colombia Jo Roasted Coffee – Medium Roast. It has a caramel flavor with notes of toasted almond and cane sugar. It has a silky body with no added flavors necessary. This coffee is perfect for those looking for a smooth cup of coffee without any bitterness or aftertaste.

Jo Coffee Inc is committed to providing the highest quality of coffee available on the market today. They believe that good things take time and make sure to spend as much time as necessary to roast their beans with care, detail, and precision.

6. Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Organic Mexican


  • Committed to sustainability from sourcing to roasting to packaging
  • There’s also nothing artificial – no additives, no fillers, no flavorings
  • Certified Orthodox Union (OU) Kosher
Best Organic Coffee

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC is committed to sustainability from sourcing to roasting to packaging. There’s also nothing artificial – no additives, no fillers, no flavorings. 100% ARABICA COFFEE. Certified Orthodox Union (OU) Kosher. Available in 12 oz, 2 lb or 5 lb bags: whole bean or pre-ground. Approved for use in standard drip coffee makers as well as automatic espresso machines, pour overs, Aeropress, French press, moka pot, and percolators.

Fresh Roasted Coffee is family-owned and proudly roasted and blended here in the United States of America on Loring SmartRoasters – a superior roaster that reduces their carbon footprint and provides superior flavor. Fresh Roasted Coffee nitrogen flushes every bag to remove flavor-stealing oxygen and keep your coffee at its freshest and best tasting for as long as possible.

Their Organic Mexican roast is mild and flavorful with sweet, smooth notes of pear and sugar and a clean nutty finish. This single-origin coffee from Mexico is USDA Organic Certified and great for any coffee lover!

7. Kicking Horse Coffee Grizzly Claw


  • 100% certified organic, fair trade, kosher and shade grown
  • Rich, dark chocolate flavor that will have you craving more
  • Works well with most brewing methods
Best Organic Coffee

Kicking Horse Coffee is a family-owned, award winning coffee company that was founded in the Canadian Rockies in 1991. They are committed to producing high quality organic coffee beans, all of which are grown with care for people and the planet. Their commitment to sustainability has earned them multiple awards.

Kicking Horse Coffee’s dedication to sustainability is evident in their practices and through their products. All Kicking Horse Coffee beans are 100% Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Kosher and Shade Grown Arabica Beans which means you’re drinking coffee that tastes good and does good too!

Grizzly Claw has the rich, dark chocolate taste that will have you craving more. Grizzly Claw works well with just about every brewing method, but it really shines when using a French Press (coarse ground).

Kicking Horse Coffee’s Grizzly Claw blend consists of beans grown at high altitudes where the soil quality is ideal for producing incredibly delicious coffee. Kicking Horse even goes so far as to say this specific region produces the best coffee beans in the world.

Best Organic Coffee

Why buy Organic Coffee

There is a reason why coffee producers specify when they are organic. Certified organic coffee beans are grown without using most synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. This is better for the environment and produces a higher quality product.

Organic coffee beans will also be healthier for you since they will not have been exposed to toxic chemicals. Finally, organic coffee beans tend to taste better because they are allowed to ripen on the plant before being harvested. This results in a fruitier flavor that many people prefer.

Organic Standards Are Not All The Same

Just because a coffee is certified organic does not mean that it was grown in compliance with all the regulations. Make sure to look for the USDA Organic seal to be sure.

Some coffee is also Climate Pledge Friendly, which uses sustainability certifications to highlight products that support our commitment to help preserve the natural world. This involves how the coffee is grown, roasted, and packaged.

The demand for organic coffee has been growing rapidly in recent years. This has led to an increase in the availability of organic beans, as well as lower prices. Great news for coffee lovers who are looking at healthier options! Organic coffee is the best choice for a sustainable, high quality product that tastes great and supports a better environment.

What does it mean to be Organic Certified

There are a number of steps involved in becoming certified organic. This includes the application process, inspections and audits of all facilities involved in growing and processing operations.

Coffee farms must also adhere to strict guidelines throughout their production cycle that include: pest control, fertilizing strategies, soil health practices, planting requirements, and usage restrictions for chemicals such as pesticides or herbicide.

What is Fair Trade Coffee?

Fair trade coffee certification ensures a fair wage is paid to those who grow it by guaranteeing supply from small-scale farmers at or above market prices. It’s essentially an agreement between producers and consumers that sets standards on labor conditions across the world’s major coffee producing regions according to International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions regarding workers’ rights and environmental sustainability criteria set forth by the Rainforest Alliance.

Organic Coffee Is Here To Stay

The interest in organic coffee is growing every year, leading to higher production and more affordable pricing for consumers interested in healthier options. As awareness of the benefits grows, so will demand — it’s a win-win situation! Whether you’re looking for better quality coffee or want to support environmental sustainability standards by purchasing organic beans, knowing what factors mean an item is truly certified USDA Organic can help ensure that your final purchase meets all these standards.

Benefits Of Brewing With Organic Beans

There are several benefits when it comes to brewing the best organic coffee beans possible.

They Are Much Healthier

One of the main benefits of organic coffee is that it is much healthier than regular coffee. This is because it doesn’t contain any of the harmful chemicals that are found in non-organic coffee.

They Taste Better

Another benefit of organic coffee beans is that they taste better than regular coffee beans. This is because they are allowed to ripen on the plant before being harvested, which results in a fruitier flavor.

They Are More Sustainable

Finally, another major benefit of organic coffee beans is that they are more sustainable than regular coffee beans. This is because organic farming practices are better for the environment and result in a higher quality product.

Decaffeinating Impact of Organic Coffee Beans

Now that we know the benefits of organic coffee, it is important to understand how decaffeinating your beans could decrease their health benefits. This process removes caffeine from the bean, but also results in a much lower antioxidant content when compared to regular or lightly-decaffed beans. In fact, research has shown there are up to 82% fewer antioxidants present in decaf vs normal coffee! So while you may enjoy drinking decaf more often for convenience reasons, make sure not to forget about its negative effects on overall health and wellness down the road.

The best method for Brewing Organic Coffee Brands

Organically grown coffee is available in light roast, medium roast, and dark roast. Just like any other whole bean coffee, you can brew in a drip coffee maker or create a delicious cold brew. The fresh ground coffee beans give you more flexibility when it comes to preparing your morning cup of Joe.

Final Thoughts

These are the best organic coffee brands that we have tried. There are many more out there, and I hope this article helps you find one to suit your taste! Remember to check for the USDA Organic label when picking out your own coffee beans.

Don’t forget to check out our other coffee bean reviews and grab the latest coffee gear for your brew! In if you suffer from heartburn, check our out low acid coffee review.

About the Author Kris Silvey

About the Author Kris Silvey

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