Bunn GRB Velocity Coffee Brewer Review: Easy and Fast

The Bunn GRB Velocity 10-Cup coffee maker has an elegant design that looks great on any countertop. This commercial quality, Bunn coffee maker creates exceptional, great tasting coffee every time. A stainless steel internal hot water tank keeps water at the ideal brewing temperature so it’s ready to brew a full pot of hot coffee in 3 minutes that is never bitter. Refilling the tank is easy with the proprietary lid. Cleaning is easier with stainless steel and black trim. The parts of this coffee brewer that come into contact with water are BPA free. Fast and efficient, this coffee brewer is the perfect addition to any kitchen or office!

What is the Bunn GRB Velocity?

Velocity means faster brewing so you can enjoy a piping hot carafe of brewed coffee quickly. This makes it great for brewing multiple pots of coffee throughout the day. It’s great for a small business or a busy household over the holidays.

Top benefits of GRB Velocity Coffee Brewers

  • Faster brewing means you can enjoy a piping hot carafe of brewed coffee any time
  • Brew up to 10 cups of flavorful, cafe-style coffee with this commercial quality, Velocity Brew Coffee Brewer from BUNN
  • The multi stream spray head design improves coffee flavor extraction
  • An internal hot water tank keeps water at the ideal brewing temperature so it’s ready to brew a full pot of coffee in 3 minutes
  • Replacing paper Bunn filters for gold mesh filters is easy

Brew up to 10 cups of flavorful, cafe-style coffee with this commercial quality, Velocity Brew Coffee Brewer from BUNN. Coffee grounds are easily added to the filter basket and the machine will be able produce hot coffee in no time.

An internal hot water tank keeps water at the ideal brewing temperature so it’s ready to brew a full pot of coffee in 3 minutes that never bitter and on demand water heating has never been more convenient than with the on/off vacation switch on your coffee brewer. The durable glass carafe is easy to clean and has a no spill design for these coffee machines.

Best Features of Bunn GRB Velocity

  • Gold filter
  • Built in stainless steel hot water tank
  • Drip Free Carafe

The Bunn GRB Velocity Coffee Brewer is a popular choice for coffee lovers who want the convenience of home brewing without sacrificing quality. With its gold coffee filter, built-in hot water tank, and porcelain warming plate, this coffee brewer gives you everything you need to brew great tasting coffee with ease.

Replacing paper filters for gold mesh large flat bottom filter on your carafe is easy too because all you have to do is slide out the old one and slide in new one.


  • Brews 4- 10 cups or 20 to 50 oz.
  • Fast brewing
  • An internal hot water tank keeps water at the ideal brewing temperature so it’s ready to brew a pot of coffee in 3 minutes
  • The vacation switch allows you to turn the brewer on/off without having to unplug it


  • There is no auto-shutoff feature
  • Not programmable
  • No pause and serve feature

Compared to the Bunn BX Model

The Bunn BX model has the same features as the Bunn GRB. There is an obvious design difference but the Bunn BX Brewers both produce the same excellent coffee as the GRB. They both make 10 cups, brew in 3 minutes. The biggest difference is just a matter of design and ergonomics.

There is a special Bunn BX-D model that is specifically designed for brewing at a high altitude above 4,000 feet. It includes a special thermostat and hot water tank to keep the brewing temperature at optimum.

My experience using Bunn GRB Velocity

I recently decided that my kitchen needed a new coffee maker, so I went on the hunt for one that had the features I needed. I wanted something fast and reliable. I didn’t need any special features just a simple coffee maker that produced a good cup of java.

The first thing I noticed about this coffee maker was that it was faster than most other models, which is great because sometimes I’m in a rush to leave the house and I need my coffee. The warming plate is perfect because it keeps any brewed coffee hot for my wife who usually wakes up after I leave. I also loved the way the coffee tasted, and having an option for different sizes for each pot is awesome.

User Friendly

The Bunn GRB Velocity is one of the most user friendly coffee brewers on the market. The controls are easy to use and understand, and all of the features are conveniently placed so that you can access them without any trouble. The carafe is easy to pour, and the gold mesh filter ensures that your coffee will never taste bitter or over-extracted with this drip coffee brewer.


My favorite feature of this coffee maker is that it’s made out of stainless steel so I know it will last for years without any problems. The gold mesh filter is also quite durable and will make it through years of regular use before you would need to replace it.

However, the only downside is that the carafe doesn’t seem as durable as some other models on the market. However, I haven’t experienced any problems with it and it gets the job done every time and has a great spout design.

Conclusion: Should you buy Bunn GRB Velocity?

The Bunn GRB Velocity is a great option for your kitchen if you’re looking to brew up cafe-quality coffee. The one downside of this machine is that it’s not as eye-catching as many other options on the market, but with its fast brewing time and affordable price tag, I would say that these are minor downsides in comparison to what you get from this model. If you want a commercial quality brewer that does the job just and makes good coffee, then look no further than BUNN’s stainless steel home coffee brewer! It’s possible the best Bunn coffee maker for your every day cup of coffee.

Read some of our other Bunn coffee maker reviews over on our gear review page to discover new ways to brew better tasting coffee. Or, let us help you find the best light roast beans to use in your new machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Bunn Coffee Maker easy to clean?

Yes, it is easy to clean. The carafe is dishwasher safe. The multi stream spray head can be removed and easily cleaned along with the filter basket. Another feature that makes it possible the best coffee maker.

What are some alternatives to Bunn GRB Velocity?

One of the best Bunn coffee makers is the BUNN 55200 CSB3T Speed Brew Platinum which has everything you could still want in a high quality coffee maker with a similar design but also comes with a thermal carafe. It is designed with a similar unique spray head.

Is the Setup Process Easy?

It’s easy to setup the Velocity Brew 10 cup Bunn coffee maker. Plug it in, add cold water to the internal water tank, and turn it on. Add your coffee grounds to the filter basket. The brewer will heat up to the right temp setting and then begin brewing the coffee as soon as you close the lid. It does the job fast.

What are some common mistakes people make with Bunn Velocity?

If you’ve never used a BUNN coffee machine before, one mistake could be not using enough coffee grounds. When you don’t use enough, the coffee doesn’t come out strong enough and seems weak. Another mistake is not closing the lid all the way when you brew coffee which causes splashes and makes a mess. The amount of water you put in the tank controls how much coffee the Bunn Velocity Brew makes.

Can you make cold brew with this coffee maker?

It’s a good coffee maker, but it is not designed to make cold brew like a single serve machine.

How does it Compare to Other Coffee Makers?

The GRB Velocity Brew 10 cup stainless steel carafe home brewer by BUNN is very comparable to other high-quality brewers on the market. It’s the best option for those who are looking for a simple but sophisticated brewer that can brew up to 10 cups of coffee in less than 3 minutes.

Does it come with a stainless steel thermal carafe?

This machine does not come with a thermal carafe. It comes with an exclusive drip free carafe made from glass. The glass carafe keeps coffee hot longer because it is heated by the hot plate.

Can it brew for more than 1 person?

The Bunn Brewers can brew up to 10 cups, which makes enough for up to 10 people. Add the amount of water and grounds to the coffee filter to make how much coffee you desire.

What kind of coffee grounds can you use?

Bunn coffee makers can use any grounds like a normal drip coffee maker. The Bunn speed brew just means you’ll be able to brew hot coffee that much faster. Great coffee is easy with Bunn coffee makers.

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