Chameleon Cold Brew Mocha Review

I’ll start this review by telling you the most important thing about Chameleon Cold Brew Mocha: it’s delicious. It has a smooth and rich flavor that is perfect for anyone looking for a non-acidic coffee with just enough kick to keep you going throughout your day. I’ve tried many different coffees in my time, but nothing comes close to the quality of this one.

If you’ve read my other cold brew reviews then you know that my wife and I have been making our way through quite a few lately. This brew cold brew coffee concentrate in particular is excellent with milk or water, though I’ve found it’s best mixed with milk. It doesn’t need any sweetener either because the low acidity and hints of milk chocolate in the flavor are already perfect. If you’re worried that this coffee is too strong then don’t be. You can dilute it according to your tastes, which is one of the best things about cold brew. You can even go as far as to dilute it with water if you like, but I’d recommend milk (or creamer) instead. Ample room for experimentation!

Chameleon Cold Brew Mocha Concentrate

Chameleon Cold-Brew Mocha Coffee Concentrate 2 pack

What is Chameleon Cold Brew Mocha?

Chameleon Cold Brew Mocha is all natural and non GMO, which for me as a coffee drinker is important. I can’t stand it when I’m drinking something and I feel like it’s not healthy because there are too many additives in it. All you need to do with this product is pour it into a cup, add some water or your preferred creamer, then stir it up. The result of this is that you have yourself an incredibly smooth organic coffee concentrate that can be enjoyed with just about anything.

What’s in the Bottle of Certified Organic Coffee?

Each bottle of Chameleon Cold Brew Mocha has 48 ounces of delicious cold coffee concentrate. This can be mixed with either milk or water, depending on your preferences. The concentrate comes in a sturdy glass bottle so that it’s well preserved and you can tell when it’s time to order more. You’ll find two ingredients listed, the most important of which is the Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate itself, the other is the Natural Flavors that create the delicious mocha taste.

You’ll be surprised at how long a bottle can last you if you’re only drinking this on occasion – ours didn’t last more than a few days though. The actual product packaging is great and stands out to others. The specialty grade coffee beans create the organic cold brew, while the natural flavors give it a more robust cold coffee taste. It’s everything you’d expect in a product with a mocha flavored coffee.

Chameleon Cold Brew Mocha

Flavor: Does it taste good?

Absolutely! The great thing about Chameleon Cold Brew Mocha is that it’s tasty and refreshing without being too sweet. I can drink this all day and even put it in my fridge at work when so that I can get my boost of coffee between meetings. The super smooth coffee with robust cold coffee flavor means you don’t need to add anything to it. I do prefer drinking it with milk as opposed to straight water, but it’s delicious either way.

Roast: How dark do we get?

Chameleon Cold Brew Mocha is a medium roast, coming in right between the light and dark roasts. It’s been carefully calculated so that you won’t have to add as much water as you might with other cold brew coffee concentrates. If you’re not sure about the difference between light, medium, and dark roasts then don’t worry, this batch will please most anybody. Chameleon Cold Brew Mocha is a great introduction for new coffee drinkers and veterans alike.

Body: Heavy or Smooth?

Chameleon Cold Brew Mocha Coffee Concentrate is super smooth and easy to drink. It has just enough body that it doesn’t feel thin. Obviously, this go to cold brew becomes a bit more dense when you add milk. The flavors are balanced really well in this concentrate so it makes the experience all the more enjoyable.

Strength: Does it lift?

Chameleon Cold Brew Mocha has just enough caffeine to keep you going throughout your day, but not so much that it will leave you feeling jittery. The secret is in the natural ingredients that create a smooth flavor without any of the acidity of coffee. It’s delicious either way, so if you’re looking for something with less caffeine then you can dilute it a bit further than the recommended 2:1 ratio.

Chameleon Cold Brew Mocha

How Does this Cold Brew Concentrate Compare to Others?

The great thing about Chameleon Cold Brew Mocha is that it tastes amazing and offers a little bit less caffeine than other products in this category. It’s not a concentrated as the 365 Whole Foods Market Vanilla Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate, so it didn’t seem to last nearly as long. Other cold brew concentrates have a 1:1 ratio instead of Chameleon’s 2:1 ratio. That means the bottle will run out sooner. Obviously, it will last longer than a straight cold brew. So, it’s a good middle ground. All of them allow for convenient iced coffee options

Who Would Like Chameleon Cold Brew Mocha?

Almost everybody! I think Chameleon Cold Brew Mocha is a great introduction to the world of cold brew. It’s got a nice flavor that doesn’t overload you with overly intense coffee flavor, but still has more than enough keep my wife coming back for another cup of easy iced coffee. Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate also comes in other flavors – Traditional Black, Caramel, and more- so pick up whatever suits your taste buds.

Who Would Not Like Chameleon Cold Brew Mocha?

If you’re strictly a black coffee drinker then this probably won’t be your thing. It’s not much less strong than traditional roasts, but it never gets bitter, so it may take some getting used to. It’s not too strong, when diluted (that’s intended) so you could drink it straight if you want that in-your-face coffee. As mentioned earlier, it’s not the most concentrated coffee, so the bottle won’t last as long as other concentrates.

Is Chameleon Cold Brew Mocha Worth the Money?

It is! If you think about how long a bottle of Chameleon Cold Brew Mocha lasts you’ll find that it’s comparable to larger bottles of other cold brew concentrates. Plus, it tastes better than the larger brands I’ve tried. You can drink this straight or add water or milk or whatever else you like with your coffee. If you’re looking for a traditional cold brew coffee concentrate then you might be disappointed. This is a cold brew concentrate.

Get to Know Chameleon Coffee!

Chameleon Cold Brew Mocha was created by Austin entrepreneurs who are passionate about providing an exceptional product at an affordable price. They use sustainably sourced beans, which means they’re always environmentally conscious when sourcing their ingredients for their products. This gives them the peace of mind that they are doing what is best not only for themselves but also for everyone else involved in the process of making their product.

Chameleon has sustainably sourced coffee beans in every brew. I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty impressed with this. They use 100% Arabica beans that are naturally raised and harvested in the mountains of Mexico. It’s a simple process that produces an amazing-tasting product, especially in this mocha flavored coffee.

The verdict

My wife and I finished off the bottle within a few days and both know we will be trying the other flavors soon. So, it’s a winner in our books. I wish it came in a bigger bottle so that I could drink it longer without having to order another, but they do sell them in a 2-pack, so that could solve our dilemma. But if you’re looking for something with the right amount of caffeine and a unique flavor that will taste great either straight or diluted then pick up a bottle of Chameleon Cold Brew Mocha!

If you’d like to make your own cold brew, read our brewing guide. And don’t forget to get some specialty grade coffee beans for your next brew.

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