Keurig K-Duo Review: 2 Great Brews in 1

Keurig K Duo Review

The Keurig K Duo is the perfect coffee maker for any occasion. This versatile brewer can use both K-Cup pods and ground coffee to brew a delicious cup or carafe of your favorite varieties. Most coffee lovers know Keurig is an amazing single-serve machine. However, sometimes, one cup at a time isn’t enough – especially … Read more

The Best Espresso Machine Under $200

Best Espresso Machine Under $200

One of the many great things about life is espresso. It’s a drink that can make almost anything better, and it’s perfect for those mornings when you need an energy boost to start your day off right. Unfortunately, buying a quality espresso machine can be expensive, with many models costing hundreds or even thousands of … Read more

The Best Coffee Maker Under $50

Coffee Maker Under $50

It’s getting harder and harder to find a good coffee maker under $50. In fact, the best ones will probably be over that price point. But, if you’re looking for something affordable, there are still a few decent options out there. My father was in the Army, and on extended deployment, he would often grab … Read more