Grind It Right: Baratza Encore VS Capresso Infinity

Baratza Encore VS Capresso Infinity

It’s well-known that the right coffee grinder is the backbone of your brewing arsenal. Today, we’re examining two entry-point level coffee grinders to compare: Baratza Encore vs Capresso Infinity.  I’ve had my fair share of experiences with both, and each has distinct perks. With its remarkable grind settings and spacious hopper capacity, I believe the … Read more

What Is Clean Tasting Coffee? And 7 Tips To A Better Brew

What Is Clean Tasting Coffee Diagram

Coffee. A simple word but a complex world. Clean coffee, even more so. It’s a term that’s often tossed around but seldom understood.  It’s high time we demystify this jargon. After all, our coffee experience should be as clear as a crisp morning, not muddied by the murkiness of misunderstood phrases.  Clean coffee is more than a caffeine fix. It’s a taste, a texture, a finish. It’s … Read more

What is Acrid Coffee? And 5 Tips to Fix it

What is acrid coffee

Have you ever taken a sip of coffee that made you cringe? Not because it was too hot or too bitter, but because it had an unpleasantly sharp, pungent taste? If so, you’ve experienced acrid coffee. Acrid coffee refers to coffee that tastes sharp, bitter, and unpleasant due to issues during the brewing process. Understanding what … Read more