Go Iced Classic Coffee Maker Review: Iced Coffee Made Easy

My wife is an iced coffee fanatic. She refuses to drink hot coffee even in the dead of winter. We could be outside, without a fire, in the middle of a blizzard, and she would still ask for an iced coffee.

Lucky for her, I’ve become a top-notch at-home barista! With the power of my espresso machine and a tumbler full of ice, I can make all her iced coffee dreams come true! This is partly because she finds the espresso machine delicious but also a bit daunting. And I can’t really blame her.

Espresso machines take time, skill, and effort to operate effectively. When I tried making my first dozen espresso shots, I failed horribly. They came out bitter, and I wasted a lot of good beans (sorry little guys).

So, when the team at Go Iced reached out and asked us to review their new Go Iced Classic coffee maker, I was excited. They promised me an easy-to-use machine that could brew perfect iced coffees with the press of a button.

Let me tell you, they weren’t lying!

Go Iced Classic Coffee Maker

Go Iced Coffee Maker Review


  • Easy to use
  • Ultra quiet brewing
  • Compact size


  • Small drip tray
  • No strong brew option

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Go Iced Classic Overview

The Go Iced Classic is incredibly easy to use and understand. Filling the water reservoir with cold water, adding ground coffee beans in the reusable filter, selecting your cup size, and pushing the start button is all it took to make my first iced coffee with this machine.

The machine does the rest, heating and mixing the water with the grounds to produce a delicious cup of iced coffee in about a minute. It even has an easy-to-read measuring scoop that coincides with the cup size setting.

If you’re a fan of clean countertops, then you’ll love the Go Iced Classic’s recessed drip tray, which catches any excess water or grounds from splattering.

While I was at work, my wife made herself a cup of iced coffee but didn’t know the machine would turn itself off after a while. She tried to press the brew button again to turn it off and instead started a new brew cycle. Water began to cascade down into the drip tray, and she quickly learned that the 2-ounce drip tray could not hold back an entire brew cycle.

The Go Iced Classic has an energy-saving mode that turns off the machine after 5 minutes of idle time. The device also lights after 100 uses when it’s time to run a cleaning cycle.

Features of the Go Iced Classic Coffee Maker

The Go Iced coffee maker is meant to be easy to use. It has quite a few features but very few buttons. I enjoy the fact that it’s not complicated and keeps my wife from making mistakes like she did the first time.

Features of the Go Iced Classic Coffee Maker That I Loved

Easy to use

The Go Iced Classic is an easy-to-use machine that requires little effort to produce a delicious cup of iced coffee. All I had to was fill the water reservoir with filtered water from my fridge, add fresh ground coffee beans in the reusable filter, select my desired cup size, and push the start button.

Go Iced Coffee Maker Power Buttons

Multi-size compatible

The machine allows four different size settings for brewing iced coffee from 450ml to 900ml, with a marking on the scoop for each size. This feature made it easy for me to prepare the perfect amount of coffee for the cup size I wanted to use. The cup that comes with the machine uses the second size setting.

Each size setting is indicated as a section of a circle. So the small size is a quarter-circle, the mid-size is a half-circle, and the large size is a full circle. This made it easy to determine which cup size I needed when making coffee for my family and friends.

Silent brewing

The Go Iced Classic emits little to no sound. I was seriously surprised by how little sound it made when brewing my iced coffee. It was barely noticeable, which is great for me since I am always the first one up and making coffee while my family is still asleep. It also made it easy to make my wife a surprise cup of morning coffee without making a sound.

Consistent brewing

The reusable coffee filter distributes the water evenly across the coffee grounds, allowing for saturation across the coffee grounds. This uniform brew ensures a perfect and rich extraction.

Go Iced Coffee Maker Drip Tray

Small drip tray

The 2-ounce drip tray catches excess water or grounds from splattering on your countertops, ensuring a clean and mess-free brewing experience. I have found that a small amount of water drips down into the tray area when removing the coffee filter each time, but it’s never more than the drip tray can handle.

The drip tray is actually two parts that can come apart. Plus, the whole tray can be removed entirely from the Go Iced coffee machine if it needs a deep cleaning.

Easy to maintain

The machine features lights that blink after every 100 uses to indicate it’s time to clean. I have yet to reach the 100 brew mark, but I always find features that remind me to clean my machine helpful.

Go Iced Coffee Maker Measuring Cup

Energy-saving auto shutoff

The Go Iced Classic turns off automatically after 5 minutes of idle time to save energy. This energy-saving mode will help you save money, even if you’re forgetful like me.

Go Iced Coffee Maker Water Tank

Water reservoir

With a 1.25-liter capacity, the removable water reservoir is large enough to brew multiple iced coffees before I need to refill it with fresh filtered water. It’s also easy to seat properly in the back. The column in the middle tapers down and allows it to fit securely.

Go Iced Coffee Maker Reusable Filter

Reusable coffee filter

The reusable coffee filter is easy to use and keep clean. It feels sturdy, and the fine metal mesh filter minimizes coffee sludge in your cup. I’ve hand-washed it several times and haven’t worried about breaking it.

Go Iced Coffee Maker Tumbler

Included coffee tumbler

When you open the box, you’ll be happy to see the Go Iced branded coffee tumbler. The frosted texture and medium size make it perfect for taking with you anywhere. The tumbler keeps your coffee cold and delicious, and the texture minimizes condensation dripping down the sides. With the Go Iced logo on the side, you can show off your new machine without being too loud about it. Plus, the tumbler is designed to fit with most cup holders, so you can take your coffee with you.

Features of the Go Iced Classic Coffee Maker That Didn’t Impress Me

Small drip tray

The drip tray size is perfect for keeping it compact. However, that also means that after just a couple of brews in a row, it’s already full. As I said earlier, the filter drips water every time you remove it, so you’ll need to empty the drip tray after each brew session at a minimum.

Not strong coffee

My wife loves her iced coffee to have a strong coffee taste. Most days, she drinks a quad shot iced latte to start the day. That probably says more about her than the machine, but I found that even on the highest setting, the coffee was still too weak for her. I made it stronger by making two small brews back to back instead of a single medium brew, which was more to her liking.

Go Iced Classic Coffee Maker Review

Who should buy the Go Iced coffee machine?

This coffee device is perfect for early morning on-the-go iced coffee lovers. It’s quiet, fast, and, best of all, it’s easy to use. If you’re looking for a machine that delivers smooth coffee in a small package, this is the iced coffee maker for you. I highly recommend it!

Who should not buy the Go Iced coffee machine?

If you love your coffee extra-strong (like my wife), then this may not be the coffee machine for you. It has different size settings, but it still doesn’t deliver a cup as strong as my wife would like. Additionally, there are better choices than this if you want an all-in-one machine. The great thing about this machine is its simplicity, but that also means it only makes straight iced coffee.

French Toast Go Iced Coffee Recipe

The wonderful people at Go Iced Coffee sent me a list of recipes, and the French Toast recipe was by far my favorite. I always have a box of French Toast cereal in my pantry, and this iced coffee variation was incredible.

What you need:

  • Whipped cream
  • Ground cinnamon
  • 50ml of 10% coffee cream
  • Four pumps of Torani French toast syrup
  • Ice cubes
  • Fresh ground coffee

What you have to do:

  1. Fill up the reusable pod with ground coffee
  2. Fill up the cup with ice cubes all the way to the rim
  3. Select the size and press “Start”
  4. Wait about a minute for it to brew
  5. Add in 4 pumps of Torani French Toast syrup
  6. Add in 50ml of 10% coffee cream
  7. Mix it all together
  8. Add whipped cream on top
  9. Sprinkle ground cinnamon on the whipped cream
  10. Sip and enjoy!

Final Thoughts

The Go Iced Classic is a great small-sized iced coffee maker with features that make it easy to use and maintain. The coffee it makes is nice and smooth and comes out ready to drink straight, or add your favorite creamer and top with whipped cream.

It has an intuitive measuring design and takes up barely any countertop space. It’s ideal for busy people who need their caffeine fix on the go. Finally, the price makes it competitive with other iced-coffee single-serve coffee makers on the market. Head over to their site and check it out for yourself.

Happy caffeinating!

About the Author Kris Silvey

About the Author Kris Silvey

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