JOT Coffee Review: Always Keep a Bottle on Hand

My friend is a coffee purist. He only drinks specialty coffee from small-batch artisanal roasters, hand-ground with a precise pour-over method. He looks down his nose at anyone who dares to drink anything else. So when I greeted him at our lunch session with a bottle of JOT coffee concentrate, he was not immediately impressed.

I tried to explain to him that JOT is the best of both worlds– more convenient than instant coffee with the quality of a small batch artisanal roast. But he was not persuaded. So I made him a cup of coffee using the concentrate and waited for his reaction.

He was skeptical, but he admitted that it was legitimately good-tasting coffee after taking a sip. He even went back for seconds.

About a week later, I learned that he had a bottle of JOT in his cupboard, “just in case.”

In our JOT Coffee Review, we’ll look at what makes this coffee concentrate so unique – the convenience, quality, and taste. We’ll also see how it stacks up against traditional small-batch artisanal roasts.

Who makes JOT coffee?

This amazing company, located in Boulder, Colorado, is owned by Andrew Gordon and Palo Hawken. They are the masterminds behind this company and the delicious ultra-concentrated coffee it produces. Even more impressive is that these two men have a joy for coffee, product design, and life.

Andrew and Palo’s joy is evident in their company’s progressive enrichment process, which extracts maximum flavor from each and every bean. They are also very considerate of their impact on the environment and work hard to minimize their use of resources. This is a company that really cares!

They started with the idea that they could make a superior product by using only the best ingredients and taking their time to perfect the brewing process. They wanted to create a delicious coffee that people would want to drink every day. And they succeeded!

JOT Ultra coffee is now one of the most popular coffees on the market and has a devoted following of people who love its rich flavor and smooth finish.

JOT Coffee Review

What do you get in a box of JOT?

When you open a box of JOT, you will find a bottle of coffee concentrate, a recipe card, and a stainless steel tablespoon. The coffee concentrate is a thick amber liquid that is smooth and rich.

The aroma was so delightful that I was tempted to try it straight. That was a mistake. The concentrated liquid is 20 times more potent than traditional coffee. A little goes a long way and is designed to be diluted in milk or water.

The recipe card gives you ideas on how to use the coffee concentrate to make different drinks. The stainless steel tablespoon is high-class and feels great in your hand. The tablespoon is the perfect size for measuring out the coffee concentrate.

JOT Coffee Review

What’s so great about JOT coffee?

First of all, I will say that it’s delicious! The flavor is rich and complex, yet smooth and not bitter at all. It’s like nothing I’ve ever tasted before.

But what I really love about JOT is the convenience. Even when I’m scrambling to get out the door to my kid’s baseball and softball games, I can make a tumbler of iced coffee in about a minute. Just add a tablespoon of JOT to some cold water, give it a shake, and I’m good to go.

It’s also great to have on hand for unexpected guests who want coffee but don’t want to wait for a pot to brew. Just add water or milk, and voila! You have a delicious cup of coffee in no time.

JOT Coffee Review

JOT vs Traditional Small-Batch Roasts

These days, the big debate is between small-batch artisanal roasts and mass-produced coffee from big brands. What’s considered a big brand is up for debate, but I have to say that I’m a fan of both (most of the time). Each has its own merits.

JOT coffee is convenient, high-quality, and tastes great. It’s also more affordable than some specialty small-batch roasts on a per-cup basis. That being said, it is not close to being the same level of affordability as coffee that comes in a big can.

The coffee used to make this delicious concentrate is a blend of organic coffee beans from different regions of Central and South America. The resulting flavor is a balance of chocolate, vanilla, and nuttiness. That makes it on par with many of the best small-batch artisanal roasts out there.

JOT Coffee Review

What’s my take on this coffee concentrate?

I usually enjoy the more unique coffee flavors. Those with fruity and floral notes and a hint of fermentation. However, I have enjoyed every tablespoon of the nutty vanilla flavors of JOT.

I have tried JOT Ulta and JOT Ultra Dark. Both have great flavor, the dark having more of the roasted, smoky flavors that you’d find in a lovely French roast. I preferred to use the Ultra Dark when making iced lattes so that I could really taste the bold coffee flavors and not just milk.

The biggest takeaway for me was the versatility of this coffee. It can be used to make so many different types of drinks, from iced lattes to affogatos to Americanos. And it’s always great to have a delicious cup of coffee in no time flat.

We have a family vacation coming up soon, and I plan to take a bottle of JOT with me and leave all my specialty brewing equipment at home. It’s just that convenient.

JOT Coffee Review

Unique coffee recipe

If you’re looking for an iced coffee recipe that is sure to please, look no further than JOT’s contest-winning cold brew lemonade. This refreshing drink combines JOT, water, lemon juice, maple syrup, and ice to create a delicious and unique beverage. Trust me. This is one recipe you’ll want to keep on hand all summer long!

Whether you’re a coffee snob or just someone who likes to have a cup of hot coffee now and then, I think you’ll enjoy JOT. It’s delicious, convenient, and affordable. Give it a try!

JOT Coffee Review

Is it worth subscribing to JOT?

I think it depends on how much coffee you drink and how often you need it. You get 25% off every order when you subscribe, which is a great deal. You’ll always have fresh coffee on hand, and it’ll save you money in the long run.

Also, their no-hassle cancellation policy means that you can cancel at any time without having to jump through hoops.

If you only drink coffee occasionally or are only looking for a quick cup now and then, you might be better off buying a bottle of JOT individually.

JOT coffee tablespoon pour

Final Thoughts on JOT Coffee Review

The bottom line is that this coffee is delicious, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants excellent coffee with convenience. The price is also very reasonable, especially when you consider how much you would spend on specialty coffee drinks from a cafe. JOT is usually running promotions as well, so it’s worth signing up with their mailing list to get special offers.

I will be keeping a bottle of JOT on hand at all times. Happy caffeinating!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use JOT to make iced coffee?

Yes! JOT is fantastic for making iced coffee. Just add one tablespoon of JOT concentrate to cold water or oat milk and enjoy.

Does JOT make regularly brewed coffee?

JOT bottled coffee concentrate can be diluted if you want a more traditional cup of morning coffee.

How much does JOT Ultra Coffee cost?

Bottles of JOT coffee concentrates retail for about $26 a bottle. This may seem like a lot, but it makes about 14 cups of coffee. That works out to be about $1.86 per cup. Cheaper than your local coffee shop.

What is the difference between JOT and traditional coffee beans?

The big difference is convenience. With JOT, you add water or almond milk, and you’re ready! You have a delicious coffee beverage in no time flat. Traditional coffee takes more time to brew and requires specialized equipment.

Is JOT organic?

Yes, the coffee beans used to make JOT are certified organic.

Do you need to refrigerate JOT after opening?

Yes. After opening a bottle of JOT, be sure to refrigerate it and use it within two weeks for the best results.

How much caffeine is in JOT?

Each tablespoon of JOT has 120-140 milligrams of caffeine. That’s as much caffeine as two shots of espresso. So, coffee drinkers need to be aware of their caffeine intake when using this ultra-concentrated brew of liquid coffee drink.

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About the Author Kris Silvey

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