Stok Cold Brew Coffee Review: Bright and Mellow Un-Sweet Black

The cold brew coffee industry is ever booming. After a decade of hearing the words, “Cold Brew Coffee”, it is no surprise that a new paradigm has emerged – specialty cold brew. The latest in cold brew options is Stok Cold Brew, a system of magic that brings out the best in your favorite coffee bean and gives you an amazing experience with each cup.

The improved flavor achieved from this Stok Cold Brew Coffee is apparent to anyone who takes a sip. The first thing you’ll notice is the absence of acidity, allowing for a more full-bodied flavor. There are also hints of sweetness from the coffee that hadn’t been present before as well as an added level of smoothness.

My wife and I have been trying out quite a few store bought cold brews lately – read our 365 Whole Foods Cold Brew Concentrate Review. After making cold brew at home for so long, I was a bit apprehensive to go down this road with her, but I have been really enjoying it. There are so many smooth and delicious brews out there that now I look forward to our next adventure.

Stok Cold Brew Coffee

Stok Cold Brew Coffee

What is Stok Cold Brew Coffee: Bright and Mellow?

Stok Cold Brew Bright and Mellow is a coffee made with lighter roasts that bring out the best in your favorite beans. It has all the benefits of cold brew, with complex flavor and added smoothness. Stok was created by friends who couldn’t find iced coffee they wanted to drink, so they invented Stok Coffee. Stok is delivered to you ready-to-drink or works with any cold or hot method to make your perfect cup of iced black coffee.

Inside this cold brew you’ll discover a bold, smooth coffee made with low-acidity, light roasted beans that deliver a flavorful, full-bodied taste.

But what about those who enjoy the bitter kick of a dark roast? What about those who are waking up with queasiness or general unease? Stok Coffee might have just what they’re looking for. Stok Cold Brew Bright and Mellow Coffee is a special blend designed with the delicate, mellower side of coffee in mind. The lighter roasts allow for complex flavor while maintaining a surprisingly refreshing cup.

The Cold Brew Process

Stok Cold Brew Bright and Mellow delivers an entirely new experience for those who enjoy iced coffee without the acidity. The brew lets the rich flavors of fine Arabica beans shine through and mellow out with their blend of lighter roasts. It’s all about balance: bold character with subtlety, dynamic flavor with smoothness. The cold brew allows the bright and lively flavors to be enjoyed by everyone from the craft coffee generation to those who have been drinking coffee for years. This is a whole new level of delicious refreshment that is never disappointing, but always surprising—not too bitter, not too sweet.

Stok Cold Brew Coffee Bright and Mellow

Who Would I Recommend This Product to?

I would recommend this product anyone looking for an easy way to get great tasting cold brew coffee without having to go through the long process of making it yourself. People who are attracted to bright, vibrant flavors will enjoy the bold taste of Stok.

Who Would I Not Recommend this Product to?

I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone who doesn’t enjoy the taste of cold brewed coffee. Also, because it’s not a concentrated cold brew, there is no way to make the drink any stronger. I think it’s strong enough to allow you to add milk, but those who want the strongest brew possible might be disappointed.

Stok Cold Brew Coffee

How do I Prepare this Cold Brew Coffee?

You can drink Stok Cold Brew Bright and Mellow iced coffee hot or cold, with creamers or syrups, or simply black. It’s ready-to-drink straight from the bottle, my wife has been buying up all the cold brew she can find and so far this is one of her favorites. Not only does it have a great taste it’s also low in acidity and is a fantastic cold drink.

I tried is straight black and was delighted to find it smooth and full of flavor. I drank a full glass with a couple of ice cubes just to keep it chilled. I can say that it was a pleasure the whole way through. My wife on the other hand poured about half a glass full of the cold brew, then filled the rest with ice and milk. After adding a splash of flavored creamer she declared that it was AMAZING and she wished she could drink the whole thing (unfortunately, it was already late and she couldn’t load up on too much caffeine).

This is not a concentrate, so there is no reason to dilute it with water. This is a ready-to-drink Cold Brew that mixes well into your other favorite drinks. Whether you choose to drink it on its own or mix it up, Stok cold brew is sure to make an impression—in the glass and in your daily routine.

Flavor: Does it taste good?

The flavor is bright and deliciuos. I like mine with a little milk and it’s the perfect way to start the day. The light, fresh taste is everything you could ask for in an iced coffee.

My wife likes her drink with lots of milk, she usually prefers cold brew black but this one has won her over. She has tried others that come pre-sweetened and said she prefers to be able to control the flavor on her own. She also said that she really liked the flavor up until the last half glass or so which was mostly ice; though there were very few ice cubes at that point.

Roast: How dark do we get?

Stok calls this a lighter roast. So with that you can guess that the roasting process is not as long as those that result in a darker brew. The beans are still roasted well enough to allow for a rich and flavorful iced coffee and prevent it from tasting watery.

Body: Heavy or Smooth?

This is a smooth, mellow iced coffee. It’s neither light nor heavy bodied. It definitely has the right creaminess to make it feel like you are sipping on something decadent even though there is no dairy added.

Coffee strength: Is it Bitter or Weak?

Stok cold brew is the perfect balance of bold character and subtlety—refreshingly dynamic flavor with smoothness, not too bitter, not too sweet. Perfect for any time of day.

How Does this Cold Brew Concentrate Compare to Others?

The price of this cold brew is average compared to other brands on the market, but I would say it’s definitely worth the money. I’ve seen similar products sell at much higher prices than Stok without such great quality or flavor profile.

Packaging: How is it Packaged?

This product comes in a 48 fluid ounce recyclable plastic bottle with an easy open top and resealable cap. The bright packaging definitely stands out from the crowd and makes it easy to find on the shelf.

The dark plastic bottle allows you to see exactly how much is left while also protecting the brew from the light. The design of this product reminds me of the high quality taste behind every Stok product.

Get to Know Stok Coffee!

Based in Colorado, Stok Coffee takes pride in creating premium products that allow you to enjoy the best cups of coffee made from 100% Arabica beans. They make their cold brew concentrate as a means to provide great tasting coffee all year long, as well as the perfect drink for those who want it on the go, and simplify their cold brew experience.

The Verdict

My wife already said that we will be buying another bottle of Stok Coffee soon. She’s very picky about her cold brew and she really, truly liked this one. I’m even more impressed because my wife isn’t usually a fan of iced black coffee in general. She is willing to make exceptions for products like this one though. I think the bright flavor makes it perfect for summertime when you don’t want something with heavy or overwhelming flavors weighing you down; but still need that caffeine fix to keep you going during the day.

If you’d like to make your own cold brew, read our brewing guide. And don’t forget to get some coffee beans for your next home brew.

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