TIMEMORE Chestnut C2 Grinder Review: Easy Manual Grinding

If you’re a coffee lover, you know that freshly ground beans make all the difference in taste. But finding a good grinder can be tricky – there are so many on the market, and they vary widely in price and quality.

I’ve had my TIMEMORE for over six months and have yet to regret it. The sharp looks, ease of use, and consistent grind quality are the features that drew my attention.

Today, we’re looking at the TIMEMORE Chestnut C2 grinder, one of the more popular models. We’ll see if it lives up to the hype or if it’s just another overpriced dud. So grab your favorite mug, and let’s get started.

TIMEMORE Chestnut C2 Grinder

TIMEMORE Chestnut C2 Manual Coffee Grinder Capacity 25g with CNC Stainless Steel Conical Burr - Internal Adjustable Setting,Double Bearing Positioning,French Press Coffee for Hand Grinder Gift


  • Compact design
  • 30-gram capacity
  • Smooth grinding
  • Easy grip texture


  • Can’t do large capacity
  • It can be tiring to make multiple shots of espresso


Chances are you have heard of TIMEMORE – the Chinese coffee equipment brand that has been making waves in the specialty coffee world. Founded by James Zhan, Yu Yue, and JiuShu Chen, TIMEMORE is based on the principles of professionalism, aesthetics, ease of use, and honesty. But why has this particular brand stood out from its peers?

TIMEMORE’s Products and Services 

TIMEMORE strives to provide quality products and services to its customers. The company produces manual brewing tools, including pour-over kettles, grinders, French presses, and digital scales. All their products feature an elegant design with easy-to-use features that make them perfect for any modern home or cafe environment. 

Moreover, to ensure quality assurance for all their products, TIMEMORE relies on a rigorous inspection process during manufacturing and follows high standards regarding product quality. Their supply chain is monitored closely to ensure that only the best products reach their customers. This attention to detail has helped them build trust with domestic and international customers.

Recognition and Awards

The quality of TIMEMORE’s products is proven by their recognition from international institutions over the years. In 2017, they were chosen to be featured in Starbucks’ world’s largest Shanghai Roastery flagship store – making them the only brand from the Chinese mainland with specialty coffee equipment featured there! Since then, they have maintained long-term product cooperation with Starbucks resulting in many successful products launched by both companies.         

With their focus on providing professional yet aesthetically pleasing coffee equipment coupled with their attention to detail regarding product quality and supply chain management – it’s no wonder why TIMEMORE has become one of China’s leading coffee equipment brands!

TIMEMORE Chestnut C2 Grinder Review

What you should expect from this grinder

The TIMEMORE Chestnut C2 MAX Manual Coffee Grinder is a solid, reliable manual grinder that produces quality grounds in no time. The sharp steel burrs are designed to reduce heat generation and maintain consistent grind size, so your coffee will always have a great flavor.

The ergonomic design of the grinder makes it comfortable to use, and the quiet and smooth operation won’t disrupt your family (especially useful for early risers).

My favorite feature is the stepless grind adjustment, which allows you to switch between coarse and fine grinds easily. Tailor your coffee for any brewing method, from espresso to French press coffee. You will have to remember the number of clicks your grind setting is at, which can be tricky at first, but it’s easy to pick up with time.

The burr design ensures an exceptionally precise grind that minimizes fines and boulders. As a result, it produces smooth, even-sized grinds for optimal extraction every time.

The ergonomic design and unique texture make it easy to maintain your grip as you grind. It’s an ideal grinder for home use or cafes with a limited budget.

My only caveat would be when using a manual grinder for espresso. First, I have used this grinder to make espresso, which does a fantastic job. However, the time and effort needed to grind espresso beans manually is significantly more than with a pour over or French press. I have done it occasionally, but I recommend purchasing an electric burr grinder if you plan to crank out more than a couple of shots at a time.

TIMEMORE Chestnut C2 Grinder Review

TIMEMORE manual grinder features

Of course, the features make the TIMEMORE Chestnut C2 MAX Manual Coffee Grinder stand out. Here are just a few features that make it one of the best manual grinders on the market.

Durable build

If you’re serious about making the perfect cup of coffee, then the TIMEMORE Chestnut C2 MAX Manual Coffee Grinder is a must-have. It combines high-quality craftsmanship and durable materials. This grinder features an aluminum alloy body that makes it ideal for taking on travel adventures or adding a touch of luxury to your everyday kitchen routine.

Its eye-catching design and stainless steel crank handle, driveshaft, and conical burrs ensure long-lasting usage. Who says you can’t have style and durability all in one?

TIMEMORE Chestnut C2 Grinder Review

Checkered grip pattern

The look of this device is already eye-catching, but it’s not all just for looks. The checkered grip pattern makes it SKID-PROOF and offers a comfortable gripping experience even when your hands are wet.

Ergonomic design

The grinder is designed to fit comfortably in your hand and makes grinding coffee beans easier. Its ergonomic design is excellent for people with small or large hands, making grinding coffee beans a breeze.

Keep in mind that the crank handle is not mounted in place, so if you get too crazy with the grinding, it can come loose. It’s best to practice a slow and steady approach when using this grinder for optimal results.

TIMEMORE Chestnut C2 Grinder Review

Stepless grind settings

With its stepless grinding adjustment, dialing in one’s preferred grind setting has never been easier. Just zero it out by turning the knob to the right until it stops moving. From there, you can click up until you get to the setting you need for your favorite brew method.

Standard click settings for each brewing style:

  • Espresso: 8 – 14 clicks
  • Drip / Pour Over: 18 – 24 clicks
  • French Press: 25 – 27 clicks

Once you’ve adjusted your setting, you will get the same grind every time.

Consistent grinding

The grinder design has two ball bearings affixed to the central grind shaft. This ensures a steady, uniform, and precise grinding process by allowing the burr set to remain centered at all times.

The result is consistent grinding with optimal results, no matter how coarse or fine you grind. It’s this precision that makes the grinder an invaluable tool for any home barista.

Compact and practical

It’s distinctive and daringly compact yet deceptively practical. In just around a pound (473 g), this portable grinder holds up to 30 grams of coffee grounds – enough for a single large cup or two small mugs. Pretty remarkable for something about the size of your hand!

Whether you’re grinding beans for friends on the go or staying home with an aromatic cup of joe, this grinder is the one-stop shop for grinding and brewing coffee at home.

TIMEMORE Chestnut C2 Grinder Review

Dosing chamber

The coffee dosing creates an almost static free grinding experience. Almost all of the grinds come out every time. In my experience, only the finest of powders is left behind. This means you almost every grind for your brew to brew exceptional coffee.

Easy to clean and maintain

The TIMEMORE Chestnut C2 MAX Manual Coffee Grinder certainly lives up to its promise of being a super user-friendly device. It’s easy to disassemble and assemble back together. No tools are required making it ideal to use in any setting.

The grinder comes with a convenient cleaning brush that simplifies removing any remaining coffee grounds. I recommend brushing out the chamber and the adjustment knob after every session.

Final thoughts

The TIMEMORE Chestnut C2 MAX Manual Coffee Grinder is an excellent addition for coffee aficionados wanting to grind coffee beans at home. Its robust materials and adjustable grind settings make this coffee grinder ideal for individuals seeking to brew a consistently delicious cup of joe.

The compact size is practical for taking it on the go, and the easy-to-clean design means minimal maintenance after your coffee grinding adventures.

So if you’re looking for a new coffee grinder, the TIMEMORE Chestnut C2 MAX Manual Coffee Grinder is worth adding to your coffee arsenal. Happy caffeinating!

About the Author Kris Silvey

About the Author Kris Silvey

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